Summer Loving: Lips

Summer is here and a great excuse to pop on some bright lip shades, I love this time of year when you can wear bright lips day and night. I feel braver in the Summer,… View Post

Quick Easy Crochet Heart Tutorial

Sorry for the lack of posts, I moved house at the weekend! Blimey has it been hectic, I’m trying to get back into planning blog posts and getting back in the swing of things. I… View Post

Hands-On Hand Care

Ever since having acrylic nails I have tried to look after my hands and nails a little more than I normally would, not to mention the fact I’m due to move and so my hands… View Post

Show & Tell : Hair Care

I have recently started using a couple new hair care products and wanted to do a little show and tell with you! Maria Nila is a new brand to the UK, founded in Stockholm the… View Post

Contouring Makeup

Have you been bitten by the latest contouring bug? I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I have to admit I like a little bit of contouring. Having said that not in the… View Post

Top 3 Facial Exfoliators

For a while now I have tried to stay away from using granulated face scrubs, partly due to fact I find them harsh and not great on my skin. I have used either exfoliating toners,… View Post