Salt-Water Sandals for little & big folk

DSC_0230DSC_0243DSC_0242  I’m super excited to share with you today my new gorgeous sandals, I first saw these beauties on Instagram last Summer. Salt-Water Sandals have been a cult classic since the 1940s over in America and now they’re super hot over here as well. The sandals are available for children and adults so whatever your age you can enjoy wearing them. OK, so you’re thinking what’s so special about these sandals? Well, the leather used is coated with a water resistant sealant making them perfect for the beach. They begin to mould to your feet each time you wear them and you can even pop them in the washing machine. Sold yet?! Don’t blame me when you’re spoilt for choice and can’t decide on a colour let alone style?

DSC_0240DSC_0239DSC_0244DSC_0248I recently bought my daughter a pair and soon realised how popular they are here in the UK. Thankfully I came across a fabulous online shop called MillyMog, the customer service was amazing and the delivery was fast. I was so impressed that I ordered myself a pair and they arrived this afternoon and to say I love them is an understatement. The quality of the leather and the shape and feel of the sandals feels like you’re wearing slippers. A huggable sandal, I opted for the Original style in tan for myself but am now considering a yellow or red pair next or even the metallic gold are equally gorgeous.

DSC_0249 These are the Red Swimmers, very similar to the Original style but the sole is slightly different. Perfect for little ones who are always running about, a cushioned leather lined urethane sole with lots of wear.


Adult Originals Tan £48.00/Childs Swimmer Red £35.00

 What style will you be wearing this Summer?

The Bookshelf: MOUK

20140411-163144.jpg 20140411-163216.jpg

Today we’re kicking off a 10 part children’s book series, featuring some old and new favourites. I’d like to share an old favourite of ours and that’s Around The World With Mouk, a book loved by all the family young and old. For me it’s the beautiful illustrations which add a magically touch to this book, there’s something special about the excitement a book brings. MOUK is a brown bear who travels the world on his bicycle meeting friends along the way. This is a generous size book with plastic coated pages, this edition comes with 40+ re-usable stickers which children will love placing on the different pages. Each page is about a different country Mouk visits, eleven all in total. The illustrations are mesmerising, there’s something new to look at and find each time you sit down to read. My children particularly like the scene from South Australia. 

Have you read MOUK? 

Hero Product: Caudalie Beauty Elixir


Following on from my previous Hero Product I wanted to share another staple I’ve become to depend upon. This ladies and gentleman is the Caudalie Beauty Elixir, for a small bottle it certainly packs a punch. This is my second bottle and I could easily get through one a lot quicker but I try and ration myself so I don’t end up wasting it. It’s my hero product because it’s skincare in a bottle, it treats all skin types even oily skins. This is not to be confused with a water spray, the Caudalie Beauty Elixir is a plant based facial spray designed to smooth and hydrate the complexion, whilst working to tighten pores and brighten the complexion. Radiance in a rather chic frosted glass bottle. I like to use the Beauty Elixir to set my makeup, it’s without a doubt a travel necessity especially if you’re flying. The essential oils are very refreshing and help perk you up if need be, I like to spritz the elixir between my palms then give them a quick rub whilst inhaling the essential oils and then gently press the palms on the face.

Available from in a 30ml/£10.90 and 100ml/£30.40, I go for the 30ml for storage and travelling reasons but the 100ml does work out better value.

Have you tried the Caudalie Beauty Elixir?

Happiness in the form of FABRIC…

Crochet has literally taken over my life- in a good way of course. As with all new found obsessions beauty included of course, your want need for everything subject related is a must. With this being said my new obsession is floral fabric from the 60s/70s era, I blame my fellow Instagram folk who have lead me to this new temptation. So on that note here’s my current fabric collection, a mixture of flat sheets, quilt covers, pillowcases and fat quarters.

DSC_0217 DSC_0218 DSC_0220 DSC_0221 DSC_0222 DSC_0226

I do plan to use the fat quarters to make a patchwork quilt, where as the flat sheets and pillow cases will probably remain intact. I can’t bring myself to cut into them…yet.


I hope you enjoyed this collection of fabric eye candy and it brightened up your day.

Simply The Best: Evening Edition


Relaxation is something everyone wants and needs, our lives can often get hectic and we need to take care of ourselves. For me relaxation is peace and quiet, a lovely relaxing bath with a candle lit and a solid nights sleep. I am a busy mum of two so that’s why my previous choice of relaxation is key for me. Everyone is different of course, how do you like to relax?


Right let’s kick this blog post off with my new best friend a.k.a Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts. I have tried a lot of different bath soaks and bath salts over the years and I can not stress enough to you how AMAZING these Himalayan Detox Salts are. You would need to try them for yourself,     to truly understand their uniqueness. From all the relaxing bath products I’ve tried the Detox Salts are not comparable to anything I have ever come across. As soon as you open the packet the smell alone is therapy! The pretty pink crystals are made up of a medley of key ingredients, Himalayan mineral salts, powered amethyst, essential oils- lemongrass, juniper and geranium. I use 1-2 scoops as suggested and do not rinse the salt residue off after bathing. This means you experience the ultimate good nights sleep. Sadly pregnant ladies are not allowed to use this because of the essentials oils, however as soon as the baby arrives I would be popping these on your mummy wish list. You can purchase Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts online from Roques Oneil the salts are available as 100g/£10.00 pouch as pictured above (however I recommend you go for the bigger size because they won’t last long once you try them out) and 500g. The 500g salts are available as a refill pouch £37.00 but also come in a chic glass container which oozes luxury for no added expense. Go on, you know you want to- just blame me when you become addicted- I did warn you.


Badger Sleep Balm is a neat little balm in a tin, perfect for travelling and when you’re away from home. Lavender being the main scent, I massage a small amount on my temples just before I turn out my light.

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is a MUST if I need a good night’s sleep, some days I struggle to turn off and my mind is busy trying to remember for the following day. I am nearly out of this and I will definitely re-purchase another bottle. It’s become a staple within my bedtime routine.

Origins Clear Improvement is good for congested, combination skins. Whenever I am having a pampering evening I always like to use a clay mask so my face has a deep clean. Origins Clear Improvement is my favourite clay mask and works wonders. For easy removal soak a flannel in warm water and place over your face for a minute to loosen the mask, this lets you remove the mask easily without pulling the skin.


As you know there’s only one brand when it comes to candles and that’s Neom. I was bought the Sumptuous Travel Candle as a Christmas gift would you believe but I’ve been saving it until I started running low on my other Neom candles and it’s been worth the wait. The fragrance Sumptuous has a floral flirty aroma, wild rose and neroil create an opulent feel-good feeling. Happiness in a candle.


Are you feeling relaxed? I know I am…

The Review: KIKO Cosmetics Life in Rio Summer Collection

I’m very excited to share the newest collection from KIKO cosmetics, Life In Rio is the new limited edition Summer range launching this month, so pads at the ready ladies this is one heck of a collection!

I love KIKO cosmetics packaging, I thought their previous collection Rock was mesmerising and then Life In Rio launched and one again KIKO have excelled with another fantastic collection. Inspired by the colourful street life in Rio, this collection imitates the vibrant bold street life Rio is famous for.


This gorgeous Summer collection consists of a liquid and powder foundation both with SPF, a bronzer, blush, BB cream, shimmering body oil, waterproof eyeliner, creamy eyeshadow duo, lipstick, nail lacquer and a face brush.


Isn’t the packaging stunning?


Sun Lovers Blush- Brazilian Pink is a marriage of blushers. The compact has two complimentary shades that work well together to create the perfect balance. A mixture of colour and radiance, this suits me perfectly because it’s another multi-tasking product. Available in four shades/£14.90. Essential Bronzer- Sienna Melange is a huge domed baked bronzer, what’s so special about this bronzer is the soft delicate vanilla scent. Available in two shades/£16.90


Wow, what do we have here? Exotic Shine Lipstick has a creamy texture and great colour pay off, a lipstick come lip balm. Just feast your eyes on those bright shades, the gold packaging alone is divine but let’s talk about the shades. The first shade (06) is an exotic vibrant pink whilst the second shade (03) is a true tango shade. I can not pick a favourite they are equally beautiful. Available in six shades/£8.50.


The rest of the collection consists of a medley of tropical inspired shades and textures, a waterproof liquid liner available in six shades, creamy touch eyeshadow duo available in six shades, sun show nail lacquer available in ten shades, a liquid and powder foundation, a bb cream and shimmering body oil- plus a duo brush! See, I told you it was one generous Summer collection not to be missed. KIKO cosmetics really try to appeal to everyones taste, the products come in so many different shades which is really special, maybe not for your bank account though. Opps!

What do you think of Life In Rio? Will you be picking anything up from the collection?